Sotelgui set for 2017 revival?

13 January 2017

Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results

Guinea’s Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Economy, Mamy Moustapha Diaby has announced that defunct incumbent telecoms company Societe des Telecoms de Guinee (Sotelgui) will be relaunched this year, according to a report by Guinee Matin. The minister stated last month that Sotelgui was a long way off returning to the Guinean telecoms market, and that the company was not in a fit state to restart its business. However, on 5 January 2017 Diaby announced the ministry’s priorities for the year ahead, and when asked by reporters about the state of Sotelgui, he responded: ‘Work is underway with the new management. We have finished the audit work which allows us to know exactly what we have at the level of this company. We are currently thinking about how to do the work that is prioritised in the short term and the medium term. In 2017 we will proceed with the relaunch of Sotelgui.’

Source: Telegeography 10 January 2017