Computer News - In Brief


- Bytes Systems Integration has announced a newly signed deal with Axis Communications South Africa, network IP video suppliers. In terms of this deal, Bytes SI will partner with Axis to become a reseller of its range of security products.

- Zambia and India have signed an agreement that will see India fund Zambian training centres to train researchers and the public in information and communication technology (ICT) skills. The Zambian government will provide buildings with basic facilities such as toilets, and India will provide US$300 million of computers and servers, as well as US$100,000 toward operating the centres.

- Tarsus Technologies has announced the upcoming availability of the dx7400 business desktop, which replaces HP's dx7300.

- Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) will implement a SAS Activity Based Management solution to help it with understanding the costs of its services, developing a pricing model and facilitating the budgeting process. Business Performance Solutions (BPS), a Value-Added Reseller of SAS solutions in South Africa, has been selected as a strategic partner and will support the implementation of the solution in conjunction with a team from NMMU.

- Getting longer battery life out laptop PCs is the holy grail of mobile computing. Powertop is a Linux tool to eek out those precious minutes of battery life by eliminating unnecessary power wasting processes.

- Mandriva Linux announced a deal with the National Commission for Information Technology (CNTI) in Angola to provide technology solutions, training and consulting services.