Tunisia’s BTS finances Ayaris Call Centre

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Banque Tunisienne de Solidarité (BTS) has taken the unusual step of financing one of Tunisia’s newest call centres, Ayaris Call Centre. Speaking in a recent interview, Ayaris’ D-G Elyes Ayari said hat this was the first time that BTS had done this. The move was prompted by the fact that the Bank specialises in providing loan finance for small-scale enterprises and that Ayaris fitted within this strategic objective. But BTS in this instance was also looking to put money into a company that would generate jobs and added-value.

The Ayaris Call Centre is located in the Governarat of Manouba, which is well away from the more usual major industrial locations chosen for call centres of this type. Its founder Ayari consciously chose Manouba because it wanted to tackle unemployment there by giving jobs to diploma students. Ayari said that this was “a national priority and a collective responsibility.”

Because of this, the project has become the focus of a national committee looking at models to create new projects that stimulate employment. The Committee brings together a number of institutional and financial players including the Central Bank, API and BTS.

The Governor of Manouba is going to inaugurate the operation on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of 7 November. The Call Centre will have between 26-30 seats and is designed to international standards. Ayari is targeting both international offshore markets as well as local ones.