South Africa’s new Cybercrimes Bill to be tabled in Parliament

20 January 2017


The Deputy Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, John Jeffery, said the country’s new Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill will be tabled in Parliament soon.

The Bill has already been approved by Cabinet.

“The Bill aims to put in place a coherent and integrated cybersecurity statutory framework to address various shortcomings which exist in dealing with cybercrime and cybersecurity in the country,” stated the SA Government website.

The purpose of the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill is to:

   Create offences and prescribe penalties.

   Further regulates jurisdiction.

Further regulates the powers to investigate, search and gain access to or seize items.

Further regulates aspects of international cooperation in respect of the investigation of cybercrime.

   Provides for the establishment of a 24/7 point of contact.

Provides for the establishment of various structures to deal with cyber security.

Regulates the identification and declaration of National Critical Information Infrastructures and provides for measures to protect National Critical Information Infrastructures.

   Further regulates aspects relating to evidence.

Imposes obligations on electronic communications service providers regarding aspects which may impact on cybersecurity.

Provides that the President may enter into agreements with  foreign States to promote cybersecurity.

   Repeals and amends certain laws.

The government plans to brief the public on the Bill and its implementation on Thursday at 10:00.

Source: MyBroadband 17 January 2017