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In response to issue 372’s Top Story “West African licence tendering processes – a case to answer” one reader wrote: "Totally agree with this article you wrote. I might also add although Nigeria seems to have gone through transparent process's generally with licences, I found the award of a 5th licence to Mubadala came at a rather strange time and without warning. i.e. various big GSM players had been looking around to buy (eg V-Mobile or Nitel ) then someone buys a 5th licence and most did not realise it was up for grabs".

In response to issue 374’s article “Starcomms launches CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev A network in Abuja” a Nigerian reader wrote: "I noticed from today's BA you mentioned Starcomms EVDO launch in Abuja. In fact, they have run out of equipment already and are only offering snailband services. Meanwhile, our ISP Suburban seems to have sunk beneath the waves. The bandwidth situation in Abuja has gone from bad to worse to impossible. Rosecom's DSL service has an awful reputation; Startech have also run out of equipment and only serve businesses etc etc etc yawn".