Madagascar: Operators gear up for end of licences at the end of June 2008


All good things must come to an end as the current operators in Madagascar are realising as they gear up for the end of their licence period in June 2008, having originally been granted licences lasting four years. Everyone is anticipating that the market will be further liberalised and the existing five operators are beginning to prepare for this eventuality.

Orange and Celtel are enlarging the range of products and services they are offering their customers.”We have reserved a certain number of products to deal with this expiry date situation,” said Jean Testemale, Directeur Commercial of Dts. “This will be an opportunity for us to enlarge our presence in the market,” said Mathieu Macé, Directeur marketing et communication of Telma.

Telma sees its way of winning in these circumstances through implementing a national backbone:”This infrastructure will be inescapable and the opening of the market is manna (from heaven) for us,” said Macé. “New entrants will be obliged to use this infrastructure if they want to stay competitive.”

The Government of Madagascar plans to put in place a plan called “projet d'Infrastructure de Communication pour Madagascar” (Picom). The aim is to lower costs and to extend coverage nationally and also put in place a cheap, high capacity international link.

L'Express de Madagascar.