In brief

3 February 2017


According to the Communication Authority of Kenya's first quarter report for the 2016/2017 financial year, mobile subscriptions have declined by 3 per cent to stand at 38.5 million down from 39.7 million. Consequently, mobile penetration registered a 2.7 percent drop, going down from 90.0% in the previous quarter to 87.3%. The report further indicates a decline in data and internet subscriptions by 4.5 per cent to stand at 25.6 million down from 26.8 million in the preceding quarter. However, internet penetration remained unchanged at 85.3 per cent. These downward shifts have been attributed to a revision in data collection methods for mobile subscriptions information. From now on, only lines that have seen a revenue-generating activity in the previous 90 days will be considered in the statistics.