Humor - Inside Trump’s Secret Whatsapp group with African Dictators

3 February 2017

Digital Content

Trump (US): Gentlemen, had to mute the group. Since the huge win, my notifications have experienced a tremendous surge.


Mugabe (Zimbabwe): It is ok Donald, we are proud of you.


Jammeh (The Gambia): Yes, we are.


Biya (Cameroon): Shut up, Jammeh. You should be removed from this group.


Mugabe: Biya, relax my brother. What would you have done in Jammeh’s position? ECOWAS troops were coming for him.


Trump: What is ECOWAS?


Biya: Mugabe, I guess you are right.


Jammeh: Shut up my friend. Your elections are coming next year and you will soon join me here. Keep talking rubbish there.


Biya: That is why your useless country did not qualify for AFCON.


Trump: What is ECOWAS?


Mugabe: Donald, it seems you are making progress on your wall against Mexico, good man, but I don’t understand the way you are paying for it.


Trump: Neither do I, but it’s going to be a very beautiful wall.


Biya: Yes, but can you not just print money and pay for it?


Trump: I can do that?


Jammeh: Can you not?


Trump: What is ECOWAS? Can they pay for it?


Jammeh: Donald, what is wrong with the women in your country, just allowing them to march anyhow. This is not the way.


Biya: Jammeh, leave the women alone, Cameroon has the best women’s rights in Africa.


Mugabe: Biya, that is an Alternative Fact


Jammeh: Donald, I am angry at you, my orange brother.


Biya: What did he do?


Jammeh: Biya, shut up, men are talking.


Biya: Is that an executive order? No wait, you don’t have any more executive power. Jesus is lord.


Trump: Biya, very impressive joke. Extremely strong joke.


Jammeh: Donald, why are you deporting all the Muslims from America?


Trump: Muslims are bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists and some I assume are good people.


Biya: I thought that was the Mexicanos


Trump: Gentlemen, Melania looks like she’s smiling, something must be wrong, I have to go.


Jammeh: Ok Donald, tell Melania she belongs in your kitchen and bedroom.


Biya: Be quoting Buhari there, that is why you don’t have any executive power haha.


Putin: Very good discussion gentlemens, let us meet for vodka drink.


Mugabe: V, you’ve been here the entire time?


Putin: Maybe.


Jammeh: But your name doesn’t show up on the list of the group chat.


Putin: We have best hackers in world.


Mugabe: Very cunning bastard this Putin is.


Putin: Ok, I go work out now on horse.


Snowden: The world must see this exchange.

Source: Okayafrica 28 January 2017