This Cape Town taxi map shows how beautiful big data can be

10 February 2017


Taxi Map 863

Cape Town is a large, complex city, with a mountain in the middle of it, and an ocean encompassing it. As a result, travelling from point A to point B isn’t always as simple as it should be.

With a number of different transport options, citizens are often tasked with finding the fastest way home on their own, and this WhereIsMyTransport (WIMT) saw as a massive problem.

Noting the lack information regarding the city’s informal mini bus taxi routes, the company has mapped the previously undocumented taxi route landscape of the city.

Making the informal formal through big data, maps

Dubbed the Cape Town Taxi Project, the company roped in a number of citizen surveyors to record routes and capture stopping points along Cape Town’s 1000-strong taxi routes.

According to the company, the feat is also a world-first.

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Source: Memeburn 7 February 2017