In brief

3 March 2017


Two new reports from USAID of interest. Firstly, "Connecting the Next Four Billion: Strengthening the Global Response for Universal Internet Access" focuses on recommendations to further coalesce global efforts to extend access, particularly via international development programming. And the secondly, "Closing the Access Gap: Innovation to Accelerate Universal Internet Adoption" details innovations in service delivery for marginalized communities who are not being served by traditional mobile network operators.

O3b Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of SES, today announced that its customer, Presta Bist Telecoms, has signed an agreement to significantly increase its contracted capacity in response to rising demand for reliable, high-speed broadband in the Republic of Chad. This upgrade is a 66% increase in capacity over the initial contract, enabling Presta Bist to continue to fulfil the growing connectivity needs of both consumer and business customers.