New app aims to break language barriers

3 March 2017

Digital Content

Mundo Chat launched this year by two brothers, Hassaan Shakeel and Usman Shakeel is a global messaging app that imagines a world beyond language barriers. The app is powered by 50+ world languages with integrated translation functionality coupled with innovative features to ensure translation accuracy.


Mundo Chat, hopes to breakdown the language barrier and facilitate new, more meaningful conversations among their users that allow them to nurture deeper, long-lasting relationships with family and relatives, friends and acquaintances, business partners and other intriguing minds spread across the world regardless of their native language.



Mundo Chat translation-based products like Waverly Labs and Odle sets it apart from other chat apps. The Back Translation & Reconciliation feature, used in the field of scientific research, is at the core of Mundo Chat’s user experience; tap sent message to see it back translated to ensure accuracy and tap received message to see original text from sender to identify potential issues. This proactive and collaborative approach aims to improve conversation flow and helps resolve any potential translation issues.

Source: ITNews Africa