Revenue streams for African Bloggers

Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results

"A serious blogger who is interested in making business can click to 'Linked In' site that is basically for business people, it has got a bandwidth of 178.51 MB, 2453 regular visits and 1 675 unique visits," says Ramon Thomas, specialist in translating global online trends into meaningful insights in South Africa.

He said Bloggers can become experts through five steps that include reading one or two books per week and between 70 and 80 per year for new knowledge.

He told participants at a workshop on Money and Marketing held the Highway Africa conference that bloggers should identify and interview various experts, participate in online discussions and other fora.

"You need to write in-depth articles for the web and think of how to become a blogger of a particular niche," he said.

He said bloggers can also become experts not only through accuracy and intelligence but also need to improve on their sites and be consistent.

"You can also utilise the Steve site that shows you how to make money using a blog,"

"Making more money as spin offs from your blog includes freelance writing and signing in to, a site run by Tertia Albertyn with 27,000 visitors per week, it has got interesting information," said Laurian Clemence, the author of Peas Toast, an award-winning South African blog.

She said that a blog is deemed to be successful by its number of readers, repeat and regular readers. "Profits can be made from advertising, sponsorship and indirect revenue, don't only look at the obvious streams of revenue as there are unexploited opportunities," she said.

Mail and Guardian Online general manager Matthew Buckland said that South Africa's big websites attract almost 8.1 million readers and advertisements worth R180 million. The types of advertisements include banners, sponsorships, classified advertisements, jobs, contextual, links and advertorials.

South Africa's blog sphere has got 25,037 active blogs that generate 621,204 user sessions but you can cash in through influencing purchasing and decision making.