Nigeria: How One Million Phone Users Dropped Out in One Month

31 March 2017


Ever since the country's telecommunications revolution began in 2001, the mobile growth has experienced steady upward movement until recently when the number of active users dropped by one million within a month.

It was not as if this was not foretold. Earlier this year, the Chairman of Zinox technologies, Mr. Leo-Stan Ekeh, warned that if nothing was done to check the harrowing conditions that businesses were subjected before to before accessing foreign exchange, 99 percent of them would close down.

Ekeh also warned that the implication would be a drop in foreign direct investment and most probably a reduction in the level of support these businesses give to the economy. Ekeh was particularly worried that there would be a drop in Information and Communication technology, ICT contribution to Nigeria's Gross Domestic Product, GDP.

Although he expressed optimism that the government would not allow the forex issue to become a hydra-headed monster in Nigeria's business ecosystem, the situation appears to be nothing less.

Persistent poor quality of services

All the telecommunications operators are crying that maintaining their network facilities is becoming problematic let alone importing new ones.

This situation may not be unconnected to the persistent poor quality of services and may have resulted to as many as a million users dropping off as announced by the regulator. Read the full article in Vanguard here:
Source: Vanguard 29 March 2017