BCX aims to be Africa’s premier ICT provider

31 March 2017


BCX, formed from a partnership between Telkom and Business Connexion, aims to become Africa’s premier end-to-end information communication technology provider.

The “new” BCX was announced in February, following Telkom integrating its Business division into Business Connexion.

BCX CEO Isaac Mophatlane said the new brand is part of the vision he and his brother had for the company.

He added that BCX is now the first brand in Africa that can offer end-to-end ICT solutions from a single provider.

“BCX provides a clear roadmap for companies throughout Africa to embrace digitalisation and be prepared to serve both their current and future customers,” said the company.

BCX’s African footprint, with its international subsidiaries, includes Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Namibia, Zambia, and Botswana.

The company also has a presence in Dubai and the UK, it said.
Source: My Broadband 30 March 2017