CPN Completes Design on National IT Education Blueprint in Nigeria


The Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria has completed the design of a national blueprint for Information Technology education in Nigeria.

Part of the blueprint includes syllabi for computer education in both primary and secondary schools, which is to be unveiled by the Minister of Education, Dr. Igwe Nwachukwu. The president of CPN, Mrs. Adenike Osofisan, said the blueprint was necessary in view of the critical position that ICTs occupied in everyday life, where they have become a tool used by all.

CPN, she noted designed the blueprint as part of its oversight functions as the body set up by government Act to regulate the Nigerian IT industry. Osofisan noted that there was a need to look at reviewing the national IT education curriculum with the view to making it more relevant to current realities. She said IT education was one of the areas that needed to be reviewed due to its very volatile nature. Besides, she noted that the entire framework of the IT policy should be reviewed to make it more focused on achieving national IT development goals. Meanwhile, CPN is to work with various law-enforcement agencies towards a greater regulation of the IT sector. According to Osofisan, the need had become necessary in order to ensure greater professionalism in the industry. She said many individuals and organisations were involved in IT services today without going through the requisite training and that CPN wanted to check this trend. The CPN president also revealed that the organisation would hold a national IT assembly in order to foster greater compliance with the CPN Act and promote the achievements of the government's national economic development goals.

She said, "The need for the IT assembly became imperative because of the need for all the critical sectors of the economy to put their intellectual resources together and partner with government towards the realisation of the vision of making Nigeria a giant economy by year 2020."

Highway Africa News Agency