Inspired by a Pioneering Nigerian Author, Yorùbá Language Advocate Takes to the Internet

31 March 2017

Digital Content

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Yoruba meme created by Ọmọ Yoòbá for the Mother Language Meme Challenge

In 1938, the late Nigerian professor and author Daniel Olorunfẹmi Fagunwa penned the novel “Ògbójú Ọdẹ nínú Igbó Irúnmalẹ̀” (The Forest of a Thousand Daemons), which is considered to be the first novel written in the Yorùbá language. His literary works frequently feature Yorùbá hunters whose fantastic adventures led them face-to-face with kings, gods, spirits, and the world of magic, all of which helps to celebrate the Yorùbá culture.

These works have also inspired generations of people who also choose to honor the Yorùbá culture and language in their own way, such as Adéṣínà Oríyọmí Ọlásúnkánmi Ayẹni Àkàndá or Ọmọ Yoòbá (The Yorùbá Child) as he prefers to go by with his online presence. In a short interview with Rising Voices, Ọmọ Yoòbá said that reading these works changed his life:

My life turned a new leaf, so I vowed to do more research into my race. So after high school, the interest grew, and I began improving my writing, reading and speaking skills. And after my Polytechnic education in Mass Communications, I knew I had to propagate the Yorùbá heritage to the world and the cheapest and easiest way to do that is via the international network of computers.

Initially, he tried his hand at a number of platforms, including launching a blog and a channel on YouTube, but ultimately settled on Twitter as his medium of choice. The microblogging platform through his @yobamoodua account provides an outlet to prolifically promote his language and culture, as well as frequently contributing to the #LearnYoruba hashtag. Read the full article on Global Voices here:
Source: Global Voices Online 27 March 2017