Free Website to Promote African Businesses

Digital Content

A new website,, has been created to attract investment trade and business into the Africa and to equally promote African trade and business both internally and internationally.

Supported by UNECA, the aim of the website is to publish a positive image of Africa as a place with infinite business opportunities. Here global businesses can successfully invest, trade and forge strong business links with indigenous companies.

This website also enables African companies to sell their goods on world markets. has been designed to incorporate three exciting platforms each of which will offer African companies and governments the opportunity to promote themselves and their products and services online to the rest of the world.

The following is a brief outline of these three platforms and how they will benefit organisations whatever their size, output or category.

Governments wishing to invite tenders for state-sponsored projects from both internal and international companies can now do so on this platform. They can instantly highlight any and all investment opportunities available in their respective countries to the global market on one site.

This area of the website also enables private companies the opportunity to showcase their investment opportunities. Companies can make contact with interested parties to raise venture capital or seed funding and to tap into the experience and networks of the investor to help realise and develop their business ideas, enabling them to be successful on a much broader scale.

This area of the website is to offer a comprehensive directory of companies which currently operate within your country, highlighting their services, products and contact details. This allows international business a one-stop point of contact to enable working partnerships to be forged between their organisations and your country's businesses. We strongly advise that all African companies and businesses avail themselves of this opportunity to promote themselves on the global market.

Mmegi/The Reporter