Zimbabwe - Government introduces new 5% internet tax. ISPs increase internet prices

13 April 2017


Last year in December, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa proposed a 5% tax on all mobile phone airtime and broadband as part of his budget proposals. The tax, called a Health Levy and themed “Talk, Surf and Save a Life” is expected to be part of the budget allocation for the Ministry of Health and be used for procuring drugs and equipment with effect from January 2019.

Government has finally implemented this 5% Health Levy proposition with an amendment to the law (Finance Act (No. 2) 2017, Section 31(49). The government is backdating the application of this tax to January 2017.

Predictably internet providers are passing this cost on to consumers and have already started communicating the tariff change.

A customer of Liquid Telecom sent Techzim the letter they received from the fibre company. Essentially, they are advising customers that the tariff will now be increased. Read the full article on TechZim here:
Source: TechZim