Cameroon to extend fiber optic interconnection

13 April 2017


Cameroon, which has good fiber optic capacity, will continue to provide this advanced technology, after Equatorial Guinea and Chad, to other countries in central and western Africa, the steering committee of the Central African Backbone Project said on Monday, at the end of its 5th ordinary session.

Cameroon is working to extend the technology to other neighbouring countries, according to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MINPOSTEL), especially as this session made it possible to draw up the progress made in the activities of the backbone project of the Cameroonian component of the Central African fiber optic.

Likewise, after the effective interconnection with Chad and Equatorial

Guinea through fiber optic, efforts are under way to interconnect Cameroon with the Central African Republic, Congo and Nigeria.

These interconnections activities are underpinned by the signing of memoranda of understanding with the authorities of these countries.

In addition to fiber optic, which is the basis of digital development in Cameroon, the post office has indicated that certain activities of the CAB project support public institutions and enterprises in digitalizing their mechanisms of production, operation, marketing and communication.
Source: APA News