Avanti launches iKnowledge project in 262 TZ schools

13 April 2017


Avanti has announced the successful launch of its iKnowledge education network project in Tanzania. Under the iKnowledge project, 262 schools across 25 regions in Tanzania have been connected via Avanti’s HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellite. This provides high speed satellite broadband enabling teachers to access the latest teacher training programmes, develop their ICT skills and provide educational content for the classrooms. Avanti was awarded the contract by the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Space Programme (IPSP).

As part of the project, Avanti developed a specially designed e-learning portal for teachers and students. Teachers can access the latest learning and digital skills training and apply educational content straight to the classrooms, whereas students can access e-learning content for maths and literacy. So far, iKnowledge has positively impacted over 8000 teachers and has benefitted up to 180,000 schoolchildren ranging from primary and secondary ages.

The innovate project has also enabled Tanzanian teachers and students to take part in international education conferences, communicate with other schools across the world via Skype and take part in events such as the Young Scientist Tanzania competition. Additionally, out of the 262 connected schools, fifty have been connected with a community Wi-Fi hotspot powered by solar as part of Avanti’s ECO initiative. ECO enables schools to benefit from subsided internet access as community members can purchase affordable broadband credits through the ECO app to connect to the hotspot.
Source: All Africa