Nigeria: Group Launches Gospel Music APP

13 April 2017

Digital Content

ETranzact group has launched a gospel music application known as the Minstrel with a focus to improve the gospel industry in Nigeria and make the content exclusively available to all and sundry.

Disclosing this in Lagos at a media briefing, the Chief Executive Officer of ETranzact, Mr. Valentine Obi, said the application would be a worship lounge where subscribers would have access to exclusive music content and worshippers, adding that it is a platform that provides access to one-stop shop for all gospel music.

He also stated that the content and sales of music on the application is within the control of the Minstrels (artists), adding that this empowers the artists to determine the pricing and the distribution of their work and also curb the issue of piracy.

Obi stated that when a user subscribes to the application, it provides opportunity for the user to choose the minstrel he/she likes and download the ministrel's songs, adding that it is criminal to download music without paying for it and the application provides a portal for the minstrels and the subscribers.

He added that the application would eliminate the use of conventional means of music distribution, help to keep the music bought by any subscriber until when needed, stating that a subscriber can either buy a single or an album by paying through the subscriber's bank account.

According to Obi, "The pricing of each song is dependent on each minstrel. You can buy a single or an album. We have plans to do advertising. But we don't want to clutter the application with advertisement. The platform is available to all minstrels. As time goes on there will be events and plans to assist up and coming artists. You cannot play the song without the application and for a subscriber to play the music, the subscriber needs to buy the song using his bank account and submitting of personal needs such as name, email address and others details in order to create a profile for the individual. The application provides opportunity for the subscriber to chat their favourite minstrel, share songs amongst friends and family members, and create a playlist."

One of the gospel artists present at the event, Nathaniel Bassey, commended the group for introducing the application, adding that it will promote innovation, growth of the industry and improve the gospel music video content in the country.
Source: This Day