Suburban Partners with Benin Telecom on SAT3 Link


Suburban, a private Nigerian ICT company recently partnered with Benin Telecom, the National Operator of the Republic of Benin to serve as an alternative for the supply of the undersea SAT-3 fibre transmission capacity into Nigeria and other West African markets.

According to Suburban's CEO, Mr. Bruce Ayonote, "The motivation of this project is simply demand and supply. On the demand side, the Nigerian market still exhibits a pent up demand for ICT services, ranging from more cost effective voice services like VoIP to advanced data services. As the economy continues to expand and grow, this demand will only increase sharply."

On the supply side, Benin Telecom is a gateway to the rest of West Africa and the world because of its proximity and its SAT-3 assets. Our partnership with Benin Telecom has positioned us to be a major supplier to the Nigerian market that has a high demand for telecommunications services."

Mr. Ayonote further stated "Both Suburban and Benin Telecom can leverage on their assets to create economic value in the region. Suburban as a major player in the fastest growing telecommunications market brings its assets, expertise and a ready customer base, while Benin Telecom brings its assets and proximity. This alliance presents a case study for regional cooperation as a driver for economic development in West Africa."

Under the exclusive agreement signed in September 2007, Suburban will extend its domestic fibre network from Lagos into Port Novo and Seme Podji where it will be connected to Benin Telecom's submarine optic fibre SAT-3 centre in Cotonou for international communications. In due course, the backbone will be extended into other West African countries, depending on the bandwidth requirements into and out of these countries.

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