MySQL bets on Obsidian in South Africa


Obsidian has been appointed the official training partner for the MySQL database product in South Africa.

Obsidian managing director, Muggie van Staden, says the company will be running the first classes for MySQL certification in November 2007.

"MySQL is one of the most widely used database solutions in the world today," he says. "We are seeing an increased demand for MySQL training in South Africa as more customers realise the benefits of using the platform which is highly flexible, powerful, secure and reliable."

Van Staden says that enterprise customers demand open source solutions that are vendor-backed, but also that have certified local skills available and that offer access to skills transfer for in-house staff.

"These three tiers of support are vital to open source solutions being effective for enterprise customers especially," he says. "Now customers can rest assured that South Africa has top skills available for the MySQL server with Obsidian offering official training."

Obsidian offers two courses in MySQL: one aimed at database administrators and another at developers.

Mark Morrissey, global training partner manager for MySQL, says: "From both customer service and company growth perspectives it is imperative to partner with local training organisations. By providing authorised training to our customers around the world, partners are a major part of the global infrastructure that allows more organisations to adopt MySQL as their database of choice."

"South Africa is viewed as a great growth market for MySQL," says Morrissey. "We are receiving close to 400 new leads from the area each month. The addition of Obsidian should only act to enhance MySQL's reputation and penetration in the region."