East African mobile operator goes global with x-Mobility

28 April 2017


Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA), x-Mobility is helping to drive an East African network operator’s quest to extend its subscriber base beyond its national boundaries and increase revenues.

x-Mobility has provided the East African network operator with its appVNO platform to solve both of these issues. It allows them to offer an OTT telco app that gives subscribers a local mobile number – wherever they are in the world – through a virtual SIM. Local or international subscribers can then make and receive calls or texts anywhere in the world at a flat rate without roaming charges and without the need to replace their existing SIM.

As more and more ex-pats live and work abroad, the desire to have a ‘home’ number to catch up with friends and family increases. At the same time the African telecommunications market has taken off in recent years, and local network operators face increasing competitive pressure. In particular OTT applications can take a significant slice of Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

“We know that the operator has a large international base that wants to be able to easily and cheaply call those they have left behind at home. They also have a tech-savvy local audience that is exploring new communications methods,” said Shanks Kulam, Co-Founder and CMO of x-Mobility. “They’ve now installed our appVNO which will be able to address both of these issues.”

The East African network operator can now increase its ARPU by targeting new international subscribers with a truly global service. While for local subscribers the OTT app offers usage rates are transparent and predictable.

Moreover, thanks to x-Mobility’s appVNO platform, the telco can launch its own MVNO style services beyond its national boundaries – services can be launched in as little as 8-12 weeks. This speed to market is a key factor in allowing the operator to acquire subscribers at low cost.

“The challenge of fighting falling ARPU is one many network operators face,” said Shanks Kulam Co-Founder and CMO of x-Mobility. “Our appVNO platform helps network operators overcome national boundaries without the loss of an existing SIM. This provides them with strategies for growing ARPU and increasing their subscriber base.”

Source: ITNews Africa 21 April 2017