YouTube Kids to be Available Soon on Smart TVs Worldwide

28 April 2017

Digital Content

With television sets now increasingly becoming smarter, YouTube has announced the upcoming release of the official version of its kid-friendly app to further extend its reach inside homes around the world. The company officially announced the upcoming release of its YouTube Kids app to smart TVs worldwide.

Most parents are probably already aware of the app itself, which was originally launched back in February 2015. The secondary mobile app, however, has only been available on mobile phones and tablets. With the company's recent announcement, parents should now be able to let their children watch their favorite YouTube shows on the big screen, which will include all the useful features of the mobile version.

Similar to the original app, the TV version will include a user interface that has been optimized for children that should allow for minimal supervision during its operation. The app also features a curated selection of the channels that are allowed, which is based on the age-appropriate content on any particular channel. Full parental control will also be included, which should give parents the peace of mind they need when leaving their kids to watch videos on YouTube.

According to Engadget, YouTube will be releasing a new version of the YouTube Kids app for several TV brands, including LG, Sony Smart TVs, and Samsung Smart TVs. The app will be released in 26 countries, which will include the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Spain, Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and several others.

The YouTube Kids app will be available on all 2015 and newer LG TVs running webOS. It will also be available on the Samsung App Store for TV's made by the company from 2013 up to the present. For Sony, only TVs made from 2016 to the present will be supported and the devices have to be up to date with the latest firmware. A version for Android TV has also been announced to be "coming soon."

Source: Mobile Apps