South Africa: Deputy Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams - Annual Performance Plan 2017/18

5 May 2017


The speech was delivered by Deputy Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Ms. Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams when she presented the department's 2017/18 Annual Performance Plan in Parliament

Chairperson and Honourable Members, the department undertook extensive planning exercises with all its senior managers to identify the strategic priorities of the department for the upcoming Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) period. This resulted in the Annual Performance Plan (APP) that we are presenting today.

In terms of the department's Strategic Goals and Objectives, these have not been extensively revised as the Strategic Plan was tabled last year in line with the department's new mandate as DTPS.

However, the department did factor in an additional Strategic Objective aimed at advancing South Africa's National Information Communication Technology (ICT) interests in regional and international forum towards attaining partnerships for economic growth and development.

Through this additional Strategic Objective, the department will focus on partnerships to encourage investment in, and support for the ICT sector and the delivery of the National Development Plan (NDP) goals.

Focus will also be on increasing South Africa's presence in the ICT international sphere so as to influence the global ICT agenda in favour of South Africa's domestic ICT Policies and developmental agenda.

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned additional Strategic Objective, the department's APP has a total of four Strategic Goals supported by seven Strategic Objectives.

Strategic alignment

When revising the APP, to ensure strategic alignment with Government priorities, the department took into consideration the short to medium-term focus areas stemming from the NDP, the MTSF, the 9-Point Plan as well as Minister's Performance Agreement, amongst others.

Therefore specific interventions have been prioritised for the 2017/18 financial year taking into consideration available resources and identified risks.

Such priorities had to be aligned to available resources both in terms of financial and human resources. This resulted in a reduction in the number of Annual Targets for 2017/18 from last year's 21 targets to 17 targets for 2017/18 across the 6 Branches of the department. Pease read the full article here.