Kenyan telecoms regulator CA trains lawyers in ICT rules

5 May 2017

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Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) in partnership with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has launched the first ever-capacity building programme on the ICT regulatory framework for legal practitioners in Kenya. The three-day training seeks to acquaint lawyers with emerging regulatory issues in the ICT sector such as those on cyber-security and e-commerce. It aims to boost the application and enforcement of existing laws within the ICT industry.

The programme is also a platform for engagement between the Authority and legal practitioners on issues affecting the sector and chart pathways for moving the sector forward. At the forum, which began on 02 May, Broadcasting and Telecommunication Principal Secretary, Sammy Itemere, lauded the Authority on the initiative, saying it provides the much-needed skills to respond to the dynamic and fast paced nature of the ICT sector and the associated challenges.

Itemere added that replication of such partnerships as that of the Authority and ITU in other sectors of the economy would greatly contribute to knowledge and skills transfer as well as catalyze the adoption of global best practices that will foster national progress.

According to the ITU Regional Director for Africa Andrew Rugege, many African countries are still in the process of domesticating laws on ICT and policy, cyber-crime, electronic transactions, data protection and so on. The full benefit of these laws have not been brought to bear on socio-economic development due to a lack of know-how on international best practices of interpretation and implementation and application of these laws.

CA Director General Francis Wangusi lamented that the sector continues to witness increased litigation, which may be attributed, to a large extent, to limited understanding of how the highly specialised ICT industry works. The training for the lawyers, Wangusi added, is the first in a series of programmes that will see the authority undertake week-long seminars for various stakeholders in the sector until June 2018. About 50 lawyers are attending the training.

Source: Telecompaper