Africa: 102 mobile operators have launched 4G-LTE services in 43 countries, says new report

12 May 2017

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Balancing Act has finalized its report on 4G/LTE network rollouts in Africa. 4G/LTE will affect the lives of Africa’s citizens, and how business will be carried out; 43 countries in Africa now have some kind of 4G/LTE coverage.

After 2G and 3G, the first 4G tests started in 2010-2011 in a few African countries. For example, in Nigeria, Glo Mobile/Globacom piloted LTE in 2011. The first operator to officially launch 4G in Africa was Angola Telecom / Movicel in April 2012. The most recent operator launching 4G/LTE is Gambian QCell, which rolled out across the Greater Banjul area in May 2017. Until now, the majority of 4G LTE launches in Africa have taken place in the 2015-2016 period but this is just the beginning of a key shift in what operators can offer in terms of data speeds.

Some facts and trends from the report:

There are very few detailed studies on 4G deployments by country across Africa. This report provides updated information on the status and key trends in the continent's 4G/LTE space.

This report is available either as a PDF or a Word document and as an Excel spreadsheet.

1) The Excel table provides: The list of 4G service launches per operator and per country; Launch dates; and the number of 4G subscriptions per operator (estimates).

And where information is available: locations covered; The amount of investment required, including 4G license fees and deployment costs; Sites where 4G has been/will be deployed; Target markets for 4G services (commercial / residential), testing of 4G per operator; The main technology providers used for some projects.

2) The 35-page PDF (or Word upon request) document provides strategic analysis, key trends, issues, and tactical solutions to grow the 4G market.

The report is available online now.

Here is the link to the description of the report that can be purchased online >> 

If you are a mobile operator in Africa and want to ensure that estimates for your 4G subscriber numbers are correct, please contact Balancing Act:




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