Smart grids the answer to Africa's power supply dilemma?

19 May 2017


Multinational ICT firm Huawei has announced South African utility services provider Eskom as its first industry partner to collaborate on smart grid development within the telco's Johannesburg-based OpenLab, officially opened in April.

The collaboration will be based on shared expertise and industry knowledge, with Huawei providing innovation, data centre capability and smart grid development experience to facilitate solution testing before rollout.

Huawei did not commit to a timeline for the delivery of solutions or related project rollout, but insisted that requirements will have to be identified first and that Huawei is willing to provide an open platform to customers to strengthen the ecosystem.

Huawei made the announcement during its 5th Power Summit, co-hosted during the African Utility Week conference in Cape Town, South Africa, and said the partnership will enhance the development and innovation of smart grid technology.

Under the theme 'leading new ICT, the road to smart grid', the telco and utility services provider will collaborate on the acceleration of digital transformation within the power industry through the development of electric power cloud services, AMI intelligent power consumption, and fibre-optic communications for smart grids.

This transformation is based extensively on the delivery of ICT solutions to enable a smart grid to deliver efficient, reliable and affordable energy to consumers. Read the full article on ITWeb Africa here.