Cameroon’s #BringBackOurInternet campaign succeeds

26 May 2017


Bring Back our Internet

Cameroon’s #BringBackOurInternet movement achieved its demand. After 94 days of a state imposed web blackout, on April 20 the country’s government turned the net back on.

The three-month outage forced the hand of Africa’s largest telecom (MTN), halted operations of its leading e-commerce startup (Jumia), and created digital refugees. The disruption also prompted the grassroots #BringBackOurInternet campaign that could serve as a global model for countering government internet meddling.

Two key figures in the movement were AppsTech CEO Rebecca Enonchong (who coined the hashtag) and activist and presidential candidate Kah Walla. The two helped galvanize local, Pan-African, and global pressure on Cameroon’s government to end the blackout. Read the full article on TechCrunch here.