World-First Next Generation Digital Identification Technology Created In South Africa To Combat Identity Theft

2 June 2017

Digital Content

A world-first next generation identification technology has been developed in South Africa, with applications that could make it invaluable as a tool against identity theft and for law enforcement purposes.

Sixteen of Africa’s leading computervision scientists at the University of Johannesburg partnered with the private sector to develop aiDX via aiThenticate Computervision Labs.

Current identification methods such as passwords, biometrics and facial recognition continue to be thwarted by identity thieves determined to impersonate others to commit criminal acts.

The aiThenticate Computervision Labs’s technology is an advanced identification technology that uses deep science to simulate human cognition in order to confirm or determine the identity of a person to industrial grade standards on any smartphone or device equipped with a camera, according to CNBCAfrica.

The tech features extended liveness integrity checks by using artificial intelligence, ensuring authentication accuracy at a level that is not available anywhere else in the world at present. Read the full article in Afkinsider here.