Precision Air, the fifth e-ticketing compliant airline in Africa, is targeting to attain 100% e-ticketing eligibility by September this year. Alfonse Kioko, the Airline's managing director and CEO, said recently that "given the on-going campaigns plus e-ticket penetration headway achievement of 60.3% by this April the set period is realistic."

Precision Air's set target of September is three-month ahead of an International Air Transport Association (IATA) deadline for e-ticket compliance set in December this year. In Tanzania, the e-ticketing eligibility campaigns started in Dar es Salaam in March last year.

Kioko said the benefits of e-ticket to passengers are that the ticket does not need collecting, cannot be stolen, lost or forgotten. Changes in the passenger itinerary or ticket can easily be effected by a phone call-without physically visiting a sales office or travel agent.

According to IATA 100% e-ticketing will save the industry up to US$ 3.0 billion per year and serve processing cost as e-ticket costs only $1 compared to $10 of paper one. IATA processes 300 million paper tickets annually.

"We are challenging ourselves as an industry to find cost reduction possibilities in our industry's complex processes, whilst at the same time enhancing convenience for the customer," Kioko said. Precision Air currently operates the largest fleet in Tanzania comprising, four ATR 42s, two ATR 72s and one 19-seater LET 410. It covers 11 domestic and four international destinations making it the second largest carrier in East and Central Africa after Kenya Airways.

Precision Air becomes the seventh airline in Africa to enter into IOSA registry after Kenya Airways, South Africa Airways, Air Mauritius, Comair, Ethiopia Airline, and National Wide. Others are Royal Air Maroc and Egyptair. Meanwhile, Air Zimbabwe, the national airline, also announced the introduction of an electronic ticketing system that is set to be fully operational by the end of the year.

East African Business Week