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In this issue you stated that Inmarsat had re-launched its Regional BGAN Service. In fact, the system is not Regional BGAN (RBGAN) which will cease in the near future, but the fully fledged Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) service.

RBGAN was a filler until Inmarsat got it's BGAN service up and running in December 2005 with the commissioning of the two largest and most powerful commercial communications satellites ever launched. There is only one class of RBGAN terminal and it is a data only unit.

BGAN terminals are a two channel device enabling simultaneous Voice & Data transmissions. There are three classes of terminals available in various portable, semi-permanent/permanent, vehicular, and soon to be released aero and maritime versions

The background IP shared data channel has a capability up to 492 kbps. There are also QOS Streamed channels of 32, 64, 128 & 256 kbps. The data capabilities are dependent upon which class of terminal you use.

FYI, Inmarsat have just activated the 10,000th BGAN terminal. For more info, I suggest www.inmarsat.com and www.tt.dk

Alastair W Pettie Sales Engineer Commercial Shipping & Offshore Pertec (Pty) Ltd (Coastal Division) South Africa