South Africa: HeroTel expands to Eastern Cape

16 June 2017


HeroTel has acquired two new wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) HX-Systems and Border Internet adding over 3, 000 customers, R35 million in revenue and extending its reach into the Eastern Cape.

HeroTel says the recent deals officially make it the largest WISP in SA, invoicing over 15 000 customers, with offices in 22 towns around SA, and presence in seven provinces.

"Nowadays, if you want to punish your kids, you take away the WiFi and make them watch DSTV. We are very fortunate to be able to exploit the commercial opportunities presented by the explosion in demand for connectivity," HeroTel executive chairman Alan Knott-Craig Jnr told ITWeb.

"The addition of HX and Border to our family brings both operational and regional benefits. We feel privileged to have partners with such solid reputations."

Knott-Craig says the goal with both WISPs is to "supercharge their growth, allowing them to more aggressively expand their customer base".

Border Internet is the largest WISP in the Border Kei region, with coverage from Kenton to Kei Mouth, bordered by the Amatola and Winterberg mountains. Its services include ADSL, fibre, voice over Internet Protocol and hosting. It has been providing solutions and services since 1997 and its head office is in East London.

Knott-Craig says co-owners Luke Phillips and Dean Wolmarans "are excellent operators and give us depth in management". Read the full article on ITWeb here