Paga, MFS Africa Partner to Drive Money Transfer

16 June 2017

Money Transfer

Pan-continental fintech company, MFS Africa has collaborated with Paga, a mobile money transfer provider, to connect its users and Nigerian bank account holders to remittance senders from around the world.

This collaboration allows Paga customers with wallet to receive transfers from millions of other mobile money users across Africa, or from any money transfer operator connected to the MFS Hub.

Co-founder and Director of Business Development, Paga, Jay Alabraba, said customers typically think of remittances into Nigeria in terms of flows from Europe and the Americas.

“But there’s over $3 billion a year coming in from the Nigerian communities in Benin, Niger and Cameroon, countries that are right next door to Nigeria. By joining the MFS Hub, we make it easier for Nigerians in the Diaspora to send money back home.”

The company is enabling the Diaspora to pay directly for utility bills, goods and services in Nigeria. He added that the company is “looking forward to growing our relationship with MFS Africa in the years to come. This is an important partnership for enabling seamless digital payment for Nigerians at home and abroad.”

Founder and CEO, MFS Africa, Dare Okoudjou, said the partnership is a welcome development. “For the last few years, everyone has been looking to the Nigerian market, wondering when and how mobile money would take off. There is an obvious opportunity here. Paga’s commitment to the market and innovative approach to execution will guarantee we make the most of it. They’ve built an impressive agent network, merchant ecosystem, and user base,” he said.

Source Mobile Money News