South Africa: #Activism and #Outrage, in 140 Characters

16 June 2017

Digital Content

Beyond Trump, be it Hillary Clinton, Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron, Jeremy Corbyn or closer to home, Helen Zille, social media is playing one of the largest roles in driving sentiment.

The online world of opinions is a fascinating place. For the first time ever, our generation is able to communicate with a global, national and local audience, directly from our "phones", instantaneously.

On a planet not short of issues, each day brings a fresh opportunity to either vent or to give life to new opportunities to solve problems. In many ways, Twitter and the like can be used to harness the collective brainpower and will of billions of minds, to bring the most astonishing solutions to bear. Not that we often see this.

I frequently see social media commentary lamenting the #outrage as being the excuse not to do something. The notion that now you've let off steam, as an armchair activist, you're not going to actually do anything further. A digital huffiness, if you will, as the modern day, ineffective panacea to a problem.

So, in this piece we'll explore if that is indeed accurate.

Many of us get our high-level news feed through a tweet and then decide...

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