'Myfotobook' Mobile Application Debuts

16 June 2017

Digital Content

To keep up with global trends in recreating memories, Myfotobook Nigeria has unveiled a mobile application with a 'do it yourself' model for individuals, businesses and organizations.


The app helps to relive out lifetime events for ever irrespective of loss of personal effect where the photo materials are stored.The initiative, which is the first in Africa, involves getting the application from the phone play store, customizing materials from personal phones, FaceBook, Instagram and other platforms to personal taste.


At the public presentation of the product in Lagos, the Managing Director of Myfotobook Nigeria, Kayode Akinwale, who recounted the seven years journey towards developing the application said the idea was developed in line with the reality that memories are critical proof of life events, which must not be forgotten as they re-tell past life and prepare people for where they are going in future.


According to him, the mobile app can be downloaded from the Google play store using Myfootbook.com.ng, the users; he said can customize their photos with a maximum of sixty and a minimum of thirty pictures before placing an order for the album which will be delivered between five to seven days at a very affordable price.


He explained that the album is portable, has capacity for collaged or one-off designs and useful for everybody in the society irrespective of social or economic status adding that it will also serve as a replacement for photo magazines.

Source: The Guardian Nigeria