President Yahya Jammeh, will tomorrow, officially inaugurate Comium a new GSM company in The Gambia and a subsidiary of Luxembourg-based but Lebanese-owned company.

According to a Comium spokesperson:”Comium Gambia's mobile service is tailored specifically to meet the country's needs and will provide subscribers with the kind of world-class products they have so far lacked. It added that the group will also offer a wider range of advanced value-added services than those available at present and will be the first network to offer complete coverage of the whole country, bringing mobile telecommunications to all Gambians from day one”. It will offer a 2.5G network with Internet access.

Amer Atwi, Managing Director of Comium Gambia said:"Entering the Gambian market as the third telecommunication operator will be a challenge but we welcome it. We will offer better coverage, better value and better services. Comium will also increase competition, forcing existing services to improve to catch up. It will also create new employment opportunities and all these are positive for The Gambia and Gambian subscribers," He assured that new networks, services and job opportunities will be created for Gambians.

Dr Nizar Dalloul, Chairman of the Comium Group, said their strategy involves the acquisation of new licences across countries in West Africa and Central Africa, where mobile phone and Internet penetration is limited in order to ensure tangible and sustained value to subscribers. "The passion for creating a better future is someting that has long been and should continue to be a critical part of the Comium culture and values," he said.

The Daily Observer