In a bid to popularise the use and adoption of Open Source technology in Nigeria, Sun Microsystems, a leading global information technology firm, has entered into partnership with City Business Computers (CBC), a Nigerian IT firm.

Mahamat Guiagousssou, Senior Customer Engineer, Sun Micro-system, disclosed that he had been dreaming of Open Source for Nigeria since his first visit to the country about two years ago.

Guiagousssou stated that the Sun OpenCDS product enables wireless delivery of multiple content types (video, audio, text, images etc) through unique distributed download architecture. It allows users to go on their cell phones and download any content for educational, information and health purposes.

"Not everybody in Nigeria has a computer; not everybody has Internet connection; but almost everybody has a cell phone and I am telling Nigerians that this is an opportunity to push valuable content which generates huge amount of money for people in United States and many other parts of the world," Guiagousssou stated.

He described Open Source software as a perfect substitution for Microsoft Windows, which he noted is not affordable to most Nigerians. This according to him has led to the high level of piracy in the country as those who cannot afford to buy a copy results to pirating it.

Reiterating the position of Sun Microsystems, he stated that "Sun believes that instead of copying and pirating these products, it is better to be part of the game than being given a bad name," he said. "Take the source code, install it, experience it and if it is okay by you, turn it into a big business," he added.

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