Zambia: Airtel, Zambeef Forge 'Money Payment' Links

7 July 2017

Money Transfer

Airtel Mobile Commerce Zambia Limited (Airtel Money) has now partnered with Zambeef to enable customers pay for their meat products using the Airtel Money - 'Tap and Go' service.

Speaking at the launch event held at Mtendere Macro outlet, Airtel money Manager Tukuza Lungu said "the Tap and Go' is a new and exciting offer from Airtel Money that allows customers to pay for goods and services using the 'Near Field Technology' (NFC) and their Mobile Phone.

This is according to a press statement issued yesterday by Airtel Zambia Corporate Communications Department.

Mr Lungu said customers needed to be signed up for Airtel money with an active Airtel Money Wallet, which was linked with an NFC Tag and usually placed at the back of the phone.

"Payment can simply be done by "Tapping your phone on the Point of Sale device (POS) and entering your Airtel Money PIN" to complete a transaction," added Lungu.

Mr Lungu said that "this significant development is in line with the national efforts of moving our country towards being technologically proficient by finding ways to innovate services to benefit the community at large"

Speaking at the same event, Zambeef Business Development Manager Justo Kopulande said Zambeef was pleased to partner with Airtel on the venture as it was looking for ways to ensure their customers pay for their meat products in a secure and convenient manner.

Mr Kopulande added that the Tap and Go service essentially would help take away the hustle and risk of moving with cash whenever customers walked into Zambeef.

He said there had been an increase in the number of customers using the service in Zambeef outlets such as 10 Miles, Kanyama, Mungwi, Nkwazi outlets and now Mtendere Macro outlet.

With the 'Tap and Go' service, transactions are completed at a much faster rate than using the conventional way of selecting from the Airtel Money menu.

Source: Times of Zambia