STAGE360 mobile music and content service now available on BBM

7 July 2017

Digital Content

The Discover tab in BBM continues to grow as BBM brings in new services and content to the platform. The latest to appear comes by way of Stream.Digital who today launched STAGE360 Music, a South African first mobile music and content service.

The concept of STAGE360 is to empower musical youth within South Africa, says STAGE360 Founder, Julian von Plato: "We have identified the best possible partnerships to reach this goal and ensure dreams become reality. BBM Messenger's content and services target the urban youth market with its robust technology platform and social community, making it the perfect home for STAGE360. With the support of BBM Messenger and our media partners, the service gives everyone the opportunity to engage with the youth."

Within a three-month cycle, 20 artists will be selected, provided with challenges and six will go through to perform at South Africa's top events across the country. One final artist will receive a produced single and music video that will be distributed across the STAGE360 network of partners. They will also receive their own channel on BBM. This cycle of finding South Africa's best talent will be repeated each quarter.

STAGE360 Music sits as an icon within BBM Messenger's Discover ecosystem of content and services. It is accompanied by categories such as News, DiscoverTV (soccer, kids, life, planet, animals, extreme, fitness, food, cars), Football365 (Live Scores), Rewards, Channels, Subscriptions, Stickers, Games and many more to come.

Speaking on the launch, Matthew Talbot, CEO of Creative Media Works, the company which operates and runs BBM Messenger globally noted: "Music is just the first of the STAGE360 categories that BBM Messenger intends to launch. The goal is to create other categories that will fall under the 360 service such as comedy, short film and fashion".