Kenya to have 2nd level .ke domain

14 July 2017


The Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) has announced that it will offer second level .ke domains for Kenyans looking to personalise their Internet domain registrations.

KeNIC, authorised by the Kenyan government to top level domains, will make it possible for Kenyans to personalise their own internet domain registrations, unrestricting locals from only using either '' for companies, '' for government entities or '' for local universities. They can now register with their personalised name, e.g. ''

The company hopes to diversify the Kenyan domain name market. By the end of last year, Kenya had a total of 62 215 registered internet users, according to the Communication Authority of Kenya report, where the '' domain held a 93% market share.

Former NPO, KeNIC was established through the facilitation of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) and was charged by the Kenyan government with the management and the administration of the dot ke Country Code Top-Level Domain name.

KeNIC says; "The public-private partnership was the initial step in facilitating the growth and uptake of the Internet sub-sect ICT in Kenya."

The company announced on its Twitter account last month that the rollout would begin from the 23rd of this month.

Source: ITWeb