SAP Skills for Africa launches in E.Africa

21 July 2017


The SAP Skills for Africa Programme has launched its first-ever East African initiative which will look to train and certify graduates, while also ensuring placement into regional and partner organisations upon completion of the programme.

Graduates of the SAP initiative will receive know-how and experience on a broad spectrum of SAP software and business solutions and applications which will in turn feed into growing local economies sustainably.

"In 2013 and 2014, we provided training for 130 graduates in Kenya”, sad head of Skills for Africa at SAP, Meena Confait. “In our expanded 2017 programme, we are able to train 55 candidates of which 40% are female. This builds on our organisational goal of promoting diversity in the workplace, and makes a significant contribution to unlocking the latent potential of Africa's sizeable female population."

Over 400 consultants have been trained and placed throughout the continent since the inception of the initiative in 2012.

Investment in skills training has proved to be a vital step in the right direction for African based companies, allowing the creation of various jobs and opportunities.

The initiative also comes at a time when the continent looks towards joining the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) game in order to propel growth and development while mitigating high levels of unemployment in the youth.

Just last week, South African Minister in the Presidency for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Jeff Radebe spoke at a Youth Ambassador Masterclass emphasising the importance of ICT skills to bridge the gap between first and second world economies.

SAP Skills for Africa is supported by regional partners that include key role-players from government, business, academia.

Source: Business.iafrica