Vodacom phasing out “VIP” contracts for high-profile South Africans

4 August 2017


Vodacom has started phasing out “VIP” contracts for high-profile South Africans, replacing them with a loyalty programme.

The statement from Vodacom follows a report by the Sunday World that the network had stopped issuing free airtime to several members of the Mandela family.

The report stated that Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was downgraded to a capped top-up contract of R2,500 per month. Vodacom said it could not provide more details on the contracts, as this would violate POPI privacy laws.

Vodacom VIPs

Vodacom said it started to phase out the “VIP contracts” after it established a formalised loyalty programme.

“Previously, Vodacom used these mechanisms to reward the likes of high-spending individuals as well as Vodacom ambassadors, such as players in sporting teams sponsored by Vodacom,” it said.

This included the Mandela family. “With regard to Nelson Mandela, given his legacy and his significant contribution to South Africa’s young democracy, it was a gesture of appreciation to him and his family at the time.”

“Where these contracts still exist, there are strict limits in place. As mentioned previously, we are in the process of phasing these out,” said Vodacom.

Onyx and Platinum

In place of the VIP contracts, the packages which form part of the Vodacom loyalty programme include the Onyx and Platinum deals.

A Platinum Membership is awarded when a user achieves an average spend of R2,400 or more per month, over a six-month period.

If the user does not meet the required average spend, the Platinum membership will lapse. It will only reactivate when the criteria is met again.

Source: My Broadband