Africa Online, an Internet service provider in Ghana has announced that it would extend its services, particularly wireless broadband infrastructure throughout the country to optimize its network capabilities for the benefit of its customers.

The company, which started operation in 1996 in the country, currently claims to commands about 25% of premium corporate market segment and believes its expansion would enable its customers and the nation at large to benefit from a vast experience of modern networks and technological advances.

Briefing Journalists in Accra on Friday on its new strategy, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, John Joseph noted that the company would accelerate infrastructure roll out to increase its base stations in Accra that were currently three.

He said the company would further establish new distribution channel partners to provide easy connection to Africa Online, greater and more flexible product range and improve customer service and support.

According to him, Africa Online has the largest footprint in sub Saharan Africa with a presence in Ghana, Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire, Swaziland, Namibia, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe and also has eight active affiliates in South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique, Cameroon, Senegal, Mauritania and Malawi.

"The affiliates employ a wide range of access technologies to provide services to our customers including licensed frequency wireless networks, ADSL, leased lines and VSAT", he stated, adding, "we are actively pursuing establishment of additional affiliates to increase our affiliate footprint to about 39 countries."

He added that AFOL's InfiNet services were currently available in Accra and Tema and plans were underway to improve its broadband and value proposition to differentiate on quality, develop innovative pricing and bundling options to reduce barrier to entry and offer more services to the Ghanaian market.

Ghanaian Chronicle