Paratus introduces the next level of cloud services

11 August 2017


Paratus Telecom, the largest privately owned Pan African telecoms operator, is taking cloud services to a next level by offering additional resilience solutions to its customers.

At a closed event in Windhoek, Paratus Namibia managing director John D’Aton pointed to the term ‘Cloud’ as all-encompassing and comprising various services. “It is clear that the key drivers towards cloud services stems from initial capital investment, ongoing operational and maintenance costs as well as requiring dedicated resources to manage ICT infrastructure efficiently.”

Owning IT infrastructure such as servers and applications creates complexity and requires valuable business resources to manage and maintain. Increased complexity means increased direct and indirect or hidden costs.

“If you own a smartphone, you are most likely already utilising some key functionalities of Cloud services in your daily life such as Google Drive, iCloud drive, Dropbox or other online backup facilities,” he explained.

Beyond the individual use case, the corporate business world is looking towards alternatives of driving towards lower operational costs and Cloud offerings are the best solution leveraging all the benefits against almost zero capital requirement.

When asked why the market should consider Paratus, D’Alton stressed that the advancements in connectivity have become the main drive behind the trend towards Cloud services.

As a fully-fledged telecommunications operator proficient in connectivity services for over a decade, Paratus is the natural choice for Cloud services boasting its own private high-speed network.

“Ultimately, Cloud service provides your business with more value from your IT investment, which makes perfect business sense,” he concluded.

Source: Press Release