African Streaming Market Faces Shakeup as US-based Firm Seeks Local Partners

17 August 2017

Digital Content

The African streaming industry could be in for an even greater shake up as US-based streaming player MatrixStream seeks to collaborate with Telcos and Internet service providers (ISPs). The US-based firm wants to help African services providers, especially mobile phone operators and ISPs, to crack the video streaming market by bringing new OTT (Over the Top) end-to-end HD (high-definition) streaming Internet Protocol television (IPTV) services to the market. The firm provides wireless IPTV solution offering HD streaming over wireless 3G, 4G and LTE networks.

The African mobile streaming market is dominated by Naspers’ ShowMax, DStv’s BoxOffice, Tuluntulu, Kwesé, iROKOTv, etc. MTN has tried its hand in video-on-demand (VOD) services,  but failed dismally and now market talk suggests that Africa’s largest mobile phone operator could buy MultiChoice Africa from Naspers – Africa’s biggest tech firm

The entry of US-based Netflix was meant to shake up the African streaming market, however, it is still not attracting millions of viewers as was expected.

MatrixStream – a US-based vendor of HD streaming over the Internet IPTV solution provider is open to collaborations with any mobile phone operator or ISPs across the African continent to deliver OTT end-to-end HD streaming IPTV services.

“We are willing to work with any telco or ISPs willing to innovate,” Aaron Keogh, director of business development at MatrixStream, adding the company was prepared to work with any Telco or ISP in Africa to deploy its technology.

The company’s patented MatrixCast streaming technology is the engine in the MatrixCloud IPTV solution.

The company says MatrixCast allows viewers to watch high-quality videos over the network at a very low bit rates. “Viewers can watch HD videos with as little as 1 Mbps of bandwidth. Unlike other IPTV solutions, this will save service providers a ton of bandwidth and put less strain on the entire networking infrastructure.” MatrixCloud IPTV solution is designed to offer unlimited live TV channels and VOD videos. Keogh said the company’s IPTV solution provides a low-bandwidth, high-quality streaming solution, designed for rapid deployment and growth within established markets.

Source: Tech Financials