Lagos State Government decommissions over 95 illegally installed telecom masts

25 August 2017


The Lagos State's Government's State Infrastructure Maintenance and Regulatory Agency (LASIMIRA), has decommissioned over 95 telecommunication masts and identified 20 more for decommissioning because of illegal installation and failure to comply with regulatory standards. LASIMIRA has also concluded an arrangement to carry out a comprehensive regulatory inspection and standards compliance audit of all masts, base stations, towers and other telecoms equipment in the state.

This could commence at any moment and is aimed to prevent any possible loss of life that could arise through damage to structural integrity of such building(s) or potential collapse. Babajide Odekunle, General Manager of LASMIRA, said the agency has declared zero tolerance for such acts, and any institution or individual caught will henceforth be prosecuted.

Odekunle said it aims to ensure orderly development of urban infrastructure. He said this follows the recent collapse of a building with an illegal and unapproved roof-top mast on Massey Street, killing several people.

Source: The Guardian