South Africa: Vodacom working to reimburse customers over ‘glitch’

25 August 2017


Vodacom is automatically refunding customers with airtime and data bundles after a glitch on Monday night caused many prepaid and top-up customers to lose data.

By late on Tuesday morning, most affected affected customers had already been reimbursed, said spokesman Byron Kennedy.

Angry customers took to social media networks on Monday evening to complain that their airtime and data bundles were disappearing.

Kennedy, who said contract customers were not affected by the problem, promised that all affected users would be reimbursed. Vodacom apologised for the problem, which was caused a system change that went awry.

“We had to unwind that, and we are now focused on reimbursing customers,” he said. “The vast majority of that work has been completed.”

He said the process is being done automatically. Where customers feel the problem hasn’t been addressed to their satisfaction, they should contact the company’s call centre. Agents have been briefed fully on the situation.

Kennedy couldn’t immediately say how many customers were affected by the problem

Source: Techcentral