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Proof that blogging is going mainstream comes with a decision by 25 South Africans to attend the African leg of an international conference.

The Technology Entertainment Design conference will be held in Tanzania next week as California's annual TEDGlobal conference expands to cities around the world. The presentations will cover topics including science, arts, politics, global issues, architecture and music, and anything else the bloggers are passionate about.

Nine of the local delegates are attending thanks to fellowships awarded by multinationals including IBM, Google, AMD and General Electric. "We are very excited to represent SA at such an important global conference," said Ramon Thomas, MD of the online research organisation NETucation.

The conference would expose them to their counterparts in the rest of Africa and could result in collaboration, he said. Thomas will report on the event via his blog,

Another prolific local blogger is Rafiq Phillips, a co-founder of, who will report back from the conference on The website has won awards for the video podcasts it produces after its lectures, with 109 videos available. They include a podcast by Ashraf Ghani, a former finance minister in Iraq, and several videos focusing on poverty alleviation and town planning solutions specifically for Africa.

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